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Bonfire night
November the 5th has to be the most exciting (and busiest) time of the year for us.

We operate with a team of more than 40 fully trained firing technicians, many with over 15 years experience. This year alone we will fire over 60 firework displays for the likes of round tables, schools, rotary clubs, football and rugby football clubs, to celebrate Guy Fawkes night.

Understanding that you want to provide a spectacular event delivered in the safest manner possible for your guests; we take care of the detail from start to finish, from the moment you contact us.

We always design our shows based on our clients' needs, right down to the duration of the display and type of fireworks to be fired, e.g. if quieter fireworks are required for children's displays.

All our displays come with a detailed list of the number and type of fireworks to be fired. They are fully risk assessed before the date of the display.

For peace of mind, we can supply details of our £10,000,000 public, product and liability insurances. We can also give you references from similar organisations we have supplied firework displays to for you to contact, before committing.

If you fancy making your display a bit more special, check out our special effects section or give us a call or email for more information.

  Shells are popular due to their noise and varied effects  

  A display caught mid flow